Monday, 24 July 2017

Power of Yet

Today I have been thinking about the power of yet and have to change my growth mindset.

Monday, 3 July 2017

3D shapes

I have been learning about 3D shapes.

Super Squirrel


WALT: explain
Remember to use the 5 W’s:
  • who is this character?
  • what is happening or about to happen?
  • When did this happen?
  • Where did this take place?
  • Why was the character needed?
Activity - you just took this photo on your phone. Explain what you saw.

Super squirrel is a super hero and he is amazing and he can fly super fast like the Flash and Kid Flash his side kick.

One day a squirrel got super power from a crate he found in the forest. Super Squirrel could fly super fast and he could save people from falling down and dying but Super Squirrel saved the day. Super Squirrel found a cave and he named the cave the Super Squirrel cave.
Dr Electric is a super villain and has super powers. His hands are  electric . Super squirrel crashed down to the ground because Dr Electric hit him. Super Squirrel got up again and he  got hurt and he got up  again and again and he destroyed Dr Electric.

Super Squirrel  threw Dr Electrics body off a cliff. Savater and Super Squirrel had a fight and Super Squirrel smashed Savater to the ground.

Super Squirrel is a amazing because he is super cool and he has friends lots of friends and he can fly super fast. He can run super fast. He has  a cousin and she can fly and run fast and she can use laser vision and Super Squirrel Girl is  amazing  she has super powers.  Super Squirrel Girl can punch a super villain in the face and his nose.The super villain crashes down to the ground and dies.

Super Squirrel is a superhero but Super Squirrel has unlocked a new power, it is a super punch. The super punch is a amazing, the super punch can smash walls. The super punch can smash people and the super punch is  amazing and can destroy  super villains. The super villain got mad at the Super Squirrel but he didn't kill him.  Super Squirrel unlocked  a new superpower  it  was a shield. the shield had super powers. He decided he was going to protect all the good people in the land with it.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Matariki is when you celebrate with your family and your school and wave fun with your friend and your mom and your dad and go play tag with your friends.Image result for matarikiImage result for matarikiImage result for matariki


WALT; write a non chronological report

Remember to use:
  • an opening paragraph explain what your report is about.
  • headings and subheadings for the main body.
  • an closing paragraph, recapping on what you have written.
  • Pictures, maps etc with captions to explain what they are.
Remember to use faction not opinions.

The Mighty Gorilla
Gorilla live in Africa. They live in forests. Man is very interested in Gorilla.

Gorilla are big and strong like a rock and they can  do  
Swing to vins to vins and they can do swing higher than a human, like a monkey.

What do Gorillas eat?

Gorillas eat lots of bamboo and plants they are Vegetarians.
They eat wild celery, bamboo, thistles and stinging nettles.Gorilla need lots of food.

What do Gorillas look like?

Gorilla have a thick trunk, large head, shiny black hair,and big muscles.Gorilla grow up to 6 feet tall.Gorillas can  live for 50 years. A Gorilla is strong and has big muscles. A Gorilla can grow up to 6 feet tall. A
Gorilla can live for 50 years.

Where do Gorillas live?
Gorilla lives in the Dense forests Woodland  in Africa.They live  10,000 feet high up in the mountains.up in the mountains it is cloudy , misty , and cold.

Gorillas are fast, strong and smart.They can use tools to get food.I Like the way they are strong and fast.

 Free photo Gorilla Primate Ape Strength Animal Silverback - Max PixelFree photo Rwanda Gorilla Jungle - Max PixelFree photo Monkey Gorilla Powerful Silverback Silvery Grey - Max PixelFree photo Silverback Zoo Ape Primate Calgary Canada Gorilla - Max ...Free stock photos of gorilla · PexelsGorilla, Nature, Landscapes - Free images on PixabayGorilla - Free images on Pixabay

Monday, 19 June 2017


I have worked with Yousif to make a slide about forces.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Samoan Language Week

Samoan Language Week this is my ting link for Samoan Language Week