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\WALT: Write a speech
Image result for basketballIntroduction
  • Do NOT start with “Hi I’m Jo and I’m going to talk to you about ...”
  • State your key focus/point of view
  • Have a great hook!  Get your audience’s attention!
    • Interesting fact - Did you know..?
    • 3 powerful adjectives
    • Statement - turn our into question into a statement sentence.
    • Rhetorical question
Several Paragraphs

  • One big idea per paragraph with evidence/information to support that big idea
  • Use interesting connectives - see our modelling book for ideas
Concluding Statement
  • Re-state key focus/point of view and leave your audience with something to think about

Title          Basketball

What game uses a ball that you bounce and shoot at 2 hoops? Thats right it called Basketball. Basketball began in 1891 in Springfield Massachusetts when a Canadian PE teacher  called James Naismith invented it. This game from America has spread throughout the world.

Big Idea 1
Basketball started with eighteen men in a YMCA gym in Springfield, Massachusetts and has grown Into a game that more than 300 million people play worldwide there are 10 rules in playing basketball. Do you know how much you get paid when you are in the NBA team? As of the 2016-2017 NBA season, the average salary for NBA players across all levels was over 5 million dollars.

Big Idea 2 :
Basketball is a two team game, where 7 players from each team play at one time and the whole team has 12 players all together. Its 40 minutes  game including 15 minutes of break. The game played on  rectangular floor called court and has hoop in each end. The ball moved down the court toward the basket by  passing and bouncing it on the floor.

Big Idea 3
My favourite basketball players are  LeBron James Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, James Harden.
I like them because  they make 3 pointers and they do slam dunks. It's cool to do it.

Big idea 4   
Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and certainly one of North America’s big four sports. From high school basketball to the NBA, America loves its hoops.  Leagues and teams across Europe and Asia are growing, and some of the NBA’s biggest stars have come from overseas.

Concluding Statement
That is why I like basketball. I think you should have a go at playing it.

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